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Chicken Ranch Records: The Podcast

Jun 11, 2021

NOTE: Our podcast migration adventures continue.  Long story short, this episode was only made available on Spotify, but is not remixed a bit and uploaded again for your enjoyment.  

Welcome to Episode 7, on the program we have Kristin Owen.  Kristin is the COO of DoStuff Media and the co-founder of beauty/wellness startup, Cure Studios.  She's one of the coolest and hardest working people in the entertainment business, not to mention a total badass.  We discussed the effects of Covid on the live music and entertainment scenes across the US and how DoStuff survived and thrived during the pandemic.  

DoStuff Media brings you sites such as ATX's Do512, DoNYC, and Do312 in Chicago.  

Opening in June 2021, Cure Studios is poised to be a disruptor in the beauty/wellness space, offering pre or post night-out manicures/pedicures in downtown ATX.  

If Kristin wasn't busy enough, she's also on the board of ATX environmental non-profit, Rainforest Partnership.  

Also on the program, we'd like to introduce you to NYC based comedian, Tommy Kang.