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Chicken Ranch Records: The Podcast

Aug 2, 2021

Season 1, Episode 8:

On the program, our guest Chet Weise.  Chet is a musician/writer/poet, he performs with Nashville power trio, Kings of The Fucking Sea, (which features Chet’s wife, Poni Silver, formerly of the Ettes). 

Chet also is the Editor In Chief at Third Man Books, a division of Jack White’s Third Man Records.  

We talked a few weeks ago over the phone and was great to catch up with Chet.  The label and Chet go back to the year 2001, when we released a split single with Chet’s old band, The Immortal Lee County Killers and The Nomads’ side project, Matching Numbers.

Chet has been busy with his band, his writing and poetry, and working with authors such as Will Sargent of Echo & The Bunnymen for upcoming Third Man Books releases.  


Kings of The Fucking Sea:

Third Man Books

Black By Maria Silver

"Bass Pro Shop", poem by Chet Weise